Problem controlling a XnView slideshow

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Problem controlling a XnView slideshow

Post by panh78 »

Hey all, I am trying to create a program that kicks off and then controls an XnView slideshow. However, I am having some issues that are baffling me.

Firstly, I kick off the slideshow with a simple run command:

Then, I do some other stuff in another window, and want to come back to the slideshow window and move to the next slide by pressing the right arrow:

$winactivatething = WinActivate("C:\test\slide1.gif","")
If $winactivatething = 0 Then
MsgBox(0, "Can't activate image display window. AAARGH!", )

;send right arrow for next screen
Send ("{RIGHT}")
I know that the window title is "C:\test\slide1.gif" from Autoit window Info, but it does not work: the WinActivate seems to fail, generating the error message box.

Any ideas what I am missing here?