missing "Date Taken" then take "Modified Date"

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missing "Date Taken" then take "Modified Date"

Post by Schechner »

Hi Guy´s

maybe someone have the same problem like me. But i search for the problem i found nothing.

Sometimes my old photos from 2002 - 2005 have no information about <Date Taken> but the info <Modified Date>

Now my questen is it possible to say XnView at the rename-window

if <Date Taken> == NULL(or None) then <Modified Date> ??

I hope you understand my situation and can help me.

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Re: missing "Date Taken" then take "Modified Date"

Post by michel038 »

while waiting for an evolution, you can use a workaround : Tools> Change timestamp

Sort images by date taken, select the ones a the top (or bottom) where date taken is empty and change timestamp ...

Edit: My answer was for xnViewMP version, but XnView Classic is quite the same
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