Flickering window frames

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Flickering window frames

Post by christopharris »

Hello all,

Since I switched to Windows 7 I experience flickering window frames when switching between foto's that I have opened.
I tried to capture this in an avi. You can see the flickering at the end of the (short) movie, that can be found here: (removed the link, obsolete...).

As you can see the frames that short appear are the frames of the opened foto's when they wouldn'n be maximized.
It would have to be caused by something that changed after using Windows 7, since with Windows XP on the same hardware I never saw the flickering window frames.
It happens on another PC as well. The only similarity between the two PC's is that they both have NVidia graphics adapters.
Does anyone have any idea?
Anyone else who has the same experience?

Kind regards,
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Re: Flickering window frames

Post by xnview »

could you send a screen cast?