"Screen size" grayed out

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"Screen size" grayed out

Post by adisjugo »

Hi XnView community. I am using XnView for 20 years now, and this is the first time ever that I needed support. :) Which tells enough, I guess.

Out of nothing, I can't resize the images anymore. Pressing Ctrl+S, in custom size, the "Scree size" dimensions are grayed out, and I just can't figure out the reason. I tried uninstalling XnView, removing the rest and config files, and installing it again, and it didn't help.

Predefined sizes work, it's just that Custom size, and only Screen size do not work (print size does).

Any idea? I really don't feel like looking for another photo browser / manager after 20 years... :)

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Re: "Screen size" grayed out

Post by helmut »

Please check "Resample" checkbox, then you should be able to change the screen size, again. (I guess intention behind this behaviour is that one can change the print size while keeping the image size unchanged. But then it's unclear why you can choose predefined sizes.)