JXR HDR Support Issues

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JXR HDR Support Issues

Post by v-limc »

Hello there, I've just started using XnView yesterday, thanks for this great software!

I'm using Windows 11, there're two issues I found with the JXR support.

1. When I changed the Open With of JXR files to XnView or choose XnView in Open With to open JXR files directly, it won't go into the View mode with the picutre, instead XnView started up into Browser and the JXR file is not display as a tab.

2. The render of the JXR file looks like it's having an overexposure, no matter HDR is on or off, comparing to Windows Photo. Don't know if you tried Windows Photo with JXR files before, when I open the JXR with Windows Photo, there is a short moment that the picture looks overexposure, but then it fixes this automaticly and looks the same as the real HDR as I see with my eyes. The rendering XnView did with JXR files looks exactly like it with Windows Photo in the first moment, overexposure. I tried to use the gamma correction, the lightness looks about the same when I set it to 0.6, but the color still feels weird. I even compared the same pixel's color these two software rendered, these's a little difference, any idea why? Is it possible to fix this overexposure, make XnView able to view and convert the JXR files like the Windows Photo does?

Here're the samples: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yW5xq6 ... sp=sharing

Thank you!