xnview favorites not used if started from application

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xnview favorites not used if started from application

Post by loth » Sat Sep 15, 2007 12:25 pm


i have several favorites stored in bookmark.ini in the xnviews folder.

xnview (v1.91.4) config says:
-save as ini in folder: xnview
-folder used for other files: xnview

it is working well if i start xnview from a .lnk or just by clickin on the .exe file.
this means, the favs are shown and useable with F6 and/or in the move/copy dialogue (ALT+C/ALT+M)

if i start xnview from within thunderbird (click on an attached .jpg) the favs are not useable. because they're gone.
clicking on the star will not pop up the normal folders.

it seems xnview is not loading them.

i did not try to add some new favs to see where they will be stored, nor did i test other scenarios, but this seems obviosly like a bug to me.

or, are my settings wrong?

as i said, it works well, if i start xnview the normal way.
if started from another program, it is not working.

anyone can reproduce that?

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