ridiculous cache size

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ridiculous cache size

Post by obelisk »

Using 1.96 in folders of jpg, I have 53pics taking 2.67MB
then 268 pics 15.56MB

My cache is 960MB and only a small portion cached so far.

This is ridiculous. Especially how much it fragments, you'd think it'd warrant URGENT ATTENTION but evidently skipped over this release.

Yes it ONLY AFFECTS PENTAX origin jpgs/pefs

My canon/nikon folder jpgs have 180pics taking 2.03MB
159pics taking 1.26MB

Compression is irrelevant. When will this be fixed or do you expect me to carry around a 5GB CACHE?

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Post by Jost »

I can see that some my files have large cache too, some dir with 10 files take more space than dir with 70 files !
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Re: ridiculous cache size

Post by xnview »

Could you send me your email, please, i would like to send a test version?