Brooktrout viewing/codec problem

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Brooktrout viewing/codec problem

Post by rvveen »


I have a problem with certain brooktrout images, wich aren't correctly viewable in xnview. Also converting this image to another format (i.e. TIFF) produces a corrupt image:

This is what it looks like in XNView:

This is what it should look like:

I have noted that brooktrout images that are viewed correctly, are recognized as 'Brooktrout 301 (RGB) - CCITT Group 3' incorrect images are recognized as ''Brooktrout 301 (RGB) - CCITT Group 3-2D' (but i suspect they also should be the one without the 2D option...)

Converting the image with nconvert shows the same unwanted behaviour
Here is a link to a sample brooktrout file:

Can you help me, or even better, fix this problem?

Extra info:
System used: Windows XP 32bit SP3
XnView Version: 1.97.6
Libformat Version: 5.70
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Re: Brooktrout viewing/codec problem

Post by xnview »

Could you send me 1 or 2 brk files that are correctly readed in XnView? And if you have 1 or 2 other files like this one?
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Re: Brooktrout viewing/codec problem

Post by opensourcesoftware »

I just installed XnView on Linux Mint and am running into the exact same problem
Tried using convert and get the same scrambled results
Is there a solution to reading FAX/Brook trout type files?