"Synchronize Browser selection with current View" broken

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Re: "Synchronize Browser selection with current View" broken

Post by xnvi » Sun May 13, 2012 2:55 am

"Synchronize Browser selection with current View" does not always work in XnView 1.98 (Mar 9, 2012), dual monitor on Windows 7

Among my settings:
Synchronize Browser selection with current View - On
Auto Refresh - On
Go to next image when deleting current - On
Confirm file delete - Off
Mouse Wheel - Previous/Next file
Dual monitor. Use second monitor (Browser & Slideshow) - On

I start XnView. It opens on my primary screen in browser view on the last directory I was browsing. In the file browser list, I double-click on a thumbnail, typically the first one. This opens the full screen view of that image on my secondary screen.

I view that image, like it, and want to keep it, so with the mouse cursor over the full screen view, I scroll the mouse wheel to view the next image. When I eventually reach an image that I decide I don't want to keep, possibly after having stepped through many images, I press the Delete button (or Shift-Delete). The image in the full screen view changes to the next image, telling me that the image I last saw and pressed Delete on was deleted.

I continue on, scrolling through the many images in the folder, keeping the ones I like and deleting the ones I don't.

Problem is that what's being deleted is not what the user is looking at in full screen and pressing Delete (or Shift-Delete) on. The user ends up deleting images they want to keep, possibly permanently, and keeping images they meant to delete. When they empty their recycle bin, the images they wanted to keep are lost forever. If they used Shift-Delete, or don't have the "Delete to Recycle Bin" option checked on, the images they wanted to keep are immediately gone forever.

From what I can tell, if you move the mouse cursor to the full screen view and scroll the mouse wheel to view the next image, the next image is shown in the full screen view, but the selection in the file browser list does not change.

If you move the mouse cursor to the full screen view, AND remember to also left-click on it first, and then scroll the mouse wheel to view the next image, then the file list selection (browser selection) does seem to follow the full screen view.

However, even if you do remember to first left-click the full-screen view once, if you happen to ALT-TAB to another application whose window is on the monitor with the full screen view, and ALT-TAB back to XnView, the synchronization is again lost.

Each time you click on an image in the file brower list, or ALT-TAB back to XnView from another application, then scroll through images in the full screen view and delete, you unknowingly delete a wrong image.

Submitting this again as "must fix" under the rationale that "The users' images are endangered (changed, deleted, ...)" In my opinion, there is a very high potential for XnView users to permanently delete images unknowingly (as has happened to me again ...)

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Re: "Synchronize Browser selection with current View" broken

Post by julca » Thu Feb 21, 2013 10:15 am

Hello !

Here I use options :
- "Synchronize browser selection with current view"
- "Auto refresh"

For some version to the 1.99.6 today, I see a problem synchronization between browser and current view when I navigate on network path like "\\myComputerName\D\Pictures".
It just doesn't update the browser selection when I navigate in the current view.
But if the path is like "D:\Pictures" it work :shock: .

I know that this feature worked fine before (around one year ago).
Is it possible to make it work again ?

PS : In all cases great work for this beautifull software :wink: !

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