Layout #6 still doesn't remember it's width properly

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Layout #6 still doesn't remember it's width properly

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I left a comment long ago about the 6th layout in the View -> Layout list not remembering it's width.,l18ySl8,HrnFMRY

The first image shows how I'd like to have it, the second image shows how XnView likes to have (aka how it looks after restarting the program). Quite a big difference I'd say.

Now that was atleast one year ago that I already mentioned that this isn't working right and I remember receiving an aknowledgement of this being broken, and sadly it still is which is a shame.

The third picture shows how I am using XnView as exchange to still get a somewhat usable categories list but it's width also isn't remembered right, though it only shrinks a little when restarted compared to that picture.

I'd really wish for this to be fixed because I really want to use the 6th layout but with having to re-set it up on each single startup that's just not worth it.

Edit: It'd also be nice if the categories tab could be set to be the first and not the last, I'm NEVER using the others yet they are constantly in my way : ( please consider adding a setting for that.
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