XnView crashes with long filename

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XnView crashes with long filename

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I am new here, so hello to all.

I am a happy user of XnView, but I recently found XnView crashes when opening some JPEG files. I tried to narrow down the cause of the crash and found it comes from the length of the filename.
There is a log in this forum, dated April 2011, reporting XnView crashes with long filenames. Answer was XnView may have problem with filename longer than 256 caracters.
Unfortunately, crashes occur with long filenames...much shorter than 256 caracters.

My configuration
Windows 7 Pro SP1 32-bit with latest hotfixes, XnView 2.32

Problem reproduction

Two JPEG files with the following names :
They are located at the root directory of the drive, so no long pathname...

In Windows Explorer, I click on the first filename to open it in XnView. I then click on the second filename that opens in a second tab within the same XnView instance.
Then, clicking on the picture tabs 2 or 3 times to toggle the view makes XnView crashes or not responding...
The problem does not occur when renaming files with short names. It occurs again when renaming them back with their long names.
This is a problem for me, because I need these long filenames...So thank you to try to fix this.

Best regards
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Re: XnView crashes with long filename

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ok, right i reproduce...