Let XN remember fit to window / last display mode

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Let XN remember fit to window / last display mode

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Assume I open one picture from a directory with multiple pictures.
The mode is currently "Fit window to image".

Because the picture is very big I switch to "Fit image to window (large only)".
ok, picture view is adjusted.

Now. I press the "PageDown" key to view the next picture in directory.
Unfortuantely XnView does not remember the just set ""Fit image to window (large only)" but displays the picture again
in " "Fit window to image" mode.

XnView should use the mode set in "Options" dialog only for the FIRST picture after startup resp. which is loaded into XnView by doubleclick.

During a XnView session XnView should always use the last display mode (=the current set display mode).

Could this bug be fixed in next release?

Thank you
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