XnView Maximized Bug and Continually Crashes on Startup

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XnView Maximized Bug and Continually Crashes on Startup

Post by dev3d » Sun Nov 01, 2015 5:06 am

XnView launches on the wrong screen after the 3rd time the app is launched after maximizing. This occurs with the following screen configuration:
This occurs when maximizing XnView on Screen 1 (Laptop's LCD, shown as Screen 1 in ) when under Windows Display settings (for Windows 10 x64) Screen 2 is selected as the Main Display (eg. shows taskbar) and (if relevant) is considered positioned to the left of Screen 1.
Steps to Reproduce.
1. Maximize XnView on Screen 1 (secondary display positioned to right of Screen 2 primary display)
2. Close XnView
3. Launch again, its still maximized on Screen 1.
3. Close XnView
4. Launch XnView, and it starts up maximized on the opposite screen (Screen 2 to the left, the primary display).

This occurs with XnView Classic v2.34 as well as previous versions.

It seems like this is also related to what causes XnView to crash often on startup as well. For some reason, maybe once every 50 times XnView is launched, XnView gets into some kind of corrupted state where it crashes every single time its launched after that. The only workaround is to manually edit the XnView.ini to remove lines relating to window startup position and size. Though I'm not sure, it seems like XnView gets into this corrupted continuously crash on startup state less often if I avoid having any portion of the window sized beyond the desktop bounds, though it happens even then eventually.

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Re: XnView Maximized Bug and Continually Crashes on Startup

Post by dev3d » Sun Mar 19, 2017 6:46 pm

This issue still exists, where every other time I startup XnView it moves the the maximized XnView window from the secondary to the primary screen (though doesn't seem to crash due to that anymore, just for other reasons now). I have however identified more specific steps and required configuration to reproduce now.

Can this please be fixed for the upcoming release? The inability to maximize XnView without having it always move itself to another screen every other time the app is started is very annoying.

I have noted that it only occurs if "Maximize XnView at Startup" is unchecked and only if was maximized on the secondary screen (so NOT on the screen set as "Main Display", eg. where the taskbar is shown), and it only occurs if it is maximized on that secondary screen (not just resized to fill that screen or smaller).

Also, the issue (with it starting up on a different screen than the one last left maximized on) only occurs every 2nd time XnView is started (assuming you always leave it maximized on the secondary and move back there as soon as its incorrectly moved to the primary screen, and don't otherwise move it around). It only occurs

In case relevant, I have the following configuration:
  • "Launch Browser at Startup" enabled
  • "Use different position/size for browser & view" disabled
  • "Use full-screen on second monitor for previewing" enabled
  • The monitor its left maximized on is NOT the Main Display (where taskbar is shown), but is identified as Display #1 (the laptop internal LCD screen)

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