distorted Award BIOS log with uncommon dimensions

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distorted Award BIOS log with uncommon dimensions

Post by jenderek »

"Award BIOS logo"should be supported by xnviewl.
The program works as expected for common images with
dimensions like 136x84,136x126 and 640x480.

But i found 2 epa examples, that are not detected/displayed.
The software deark found at http://entropymine.com/deark/
was able to generate PNG files from Award BIOS logos by command line like
deark -d2 -o PNG-name EPA-NAME.epa

So information for images:
64n4iip-bmp-strange.000.png: PNG image data, 110 x 115, 8-bit/color RGB, non-interlaced
64n4iip-bmp-strange.epa: Award BIOS bitmap, 110 x 115
64n4p4p-bmp-strange.000.png: PNG image data, 101 x 125, 8-bit/color RGB, non-interlaced
64n4p4p-bmp-strange.epa: Award BIOS bitmap, 101 x 125

According to http://fileformats.archiveteam.org/wiki/Award_BIOS_logo
image data size should be determined by formula
width + (7 - width mod 8) × height / 2
I am not sure about that above expression, but for me
it seems that the following applies:
If the width of image is not a multiple of 8, handle
the situation as if the image has a little bigger width
up to 3 that is a multiple of 4.
And then after a "width" number of pixels fill the row
with "padding" pixels to reach the up rounded image with.

It seem that xnview does not handle this special cases.

I hope that somebody check this minor bug and correct it.

i append an zip archive with the 2 example with uncommon dimensions,
the converted png images and report files as epa-example-110x115.zip

with best regards
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