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XnView and FFmpeg fail for the attached BMP. The source is the FFmpeg RGBTESTSRC filter, 320 x 240 pixels, 766 colours. In the BMP all 8 bits source colours are represented by 10 bits (padding 00 or 11 determined by the most significant bit). The two alpha bits are 11 (= no transparency). The format has the name A2R10G10B10, it is not some intentionally weird mix of bit fields. Unsurprisingly all Microsoft tools on Windows 7 can display it (mspaint.exe, explorer thumbnail, photo gallery, photo viewer), and Chrome can also handle it.

Please allow more formats supported by XnView in forum uploads, I think a wannabe BMP can't be more dangerous than a wannabe PNG. :bug:
There is a nice BMP test suite, and the last example rgb32bf.bmp in its g-subdirectory also fails with XnView. The g (good) stuff is supposed to work everywhere, the b (bad) files shouldn't cause unscheduled crashes instead of a decent error message, and for the q (questionable) images the author isn't sure if that's good, bad, or ugly.
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