Multi-Part OpenEXR fail to open

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Multi-Part OpenEXR fail to open

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I'm not sure if this is a bug or if XNView just doesn't support opening multi-part OpenEXR yet.
XNView can open the old layered EXRs but fails to do so with "multi-part" EXRs. When processing image sequences with tools like After Effects or Nuke (when you're compositing basically), Multi-part EXR's are WAAAY faster than layered EXR.

Photoshop fails to open them as well.
After Effects on the other hand loads them perfectly. (Odd.. Seeing as it's the same company)

For testing, here you can find two files, pretty much the same but rendered differently..

"Multi-part image files. With OpenEXR v2, files can now contain a number of separate, but related, images in one file. Access to any part is independent of the others; in particular, no access of data need take place for unrequested parts."