2.36: How to corrupt Viewer's interface

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2.36: How to corrupt Viewer's interface

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I have discovered structural flaw in XnView functioning by making one slight wrong move of pointing finger.
This is how XnView's Viewer window may look if you intentionally repeat this slight wrong move few times.
Left corner:
Right corner:
This window state is caused by toggling Fullscreen from Viewer on/off by pressing middle mouse button and scrolling mouse wheel at the same time (because mouse wheel serves as wheel and middle button).
My settings related to mouse buttons and displaying mode of Viewer:
After serie of such switchings window loses title bar, status bar, tool bar and covers whole desktop including task panel, but acquires new application icons and new sets of system buttons (minimize/restore/close).
As well mouse cursor disappears when is placed over this malfunctioning window.
This state can be caused by fast sequential pressing on F11 and left-right arrows simultaneously, but this way it's harder and window does not lose tool bar, status bar and title bar.
My best guess is that XnView tries to process too many messages from user input devices at once and starts toggling into new displaying mode before is finished full transition from previous mode to current.

Another way to catch such glitch is to fast press on F11 and make click with right mouse button over the picture.
If you're lucky to click RMB at right time, then you get menu with multiple icons and system buttons, context menu over picture and image's filename in top left corner of image window even if displaying filenames over fullscreen is disabled in settings.
Following click with left mouse button makes context menu and filename to disappear.