XnView freezes on PgUp/PgDn in a dir with ~500 files for 20s

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XnView freezes on PgUp/PgDn in a dir with ~500 files for 20s

Post by Huilo » Mon Jan 30, 2017 12:57 am

Hi, I have XnView as default F3 association for my file manager.

Whenever I open a .jpg file which is in a folder with ~526 other files (individual file size is ~5Mb, total dir size is 3.2Gb, machine is Dell Desktop with i7-4790 8 HT cores, 32Gb RAM, with Samsung SSD PM 871, which is very fast for everything else).

So file opens immediately, but when I press PgUp / PgDn it causes XnView to unexplainably freeze for 16-20 seconds, so that Windows 10 Pro x64 pro even prints (Not Responding) in title bar like in attached image.
OS params
os-params.png (9.86 KiB) Viewed 692 times
Win 10 Pro
Close/open of XnView process makes it freeze again.

It looks like it tries to scan all files in the directory.

When it's doing that, it seems to be occupying 2 full cores and then a 1 full core until it unfreezes according to ProcExp,
xnview - cpu spike
not much of I/O happening, and otherwise system is idle:
procexp io
It seems to happen also on my relatively fast i7-6820HQ laptop.

For a measure it takes 12.5 seconds to copy these 500 pc / 3.2 Gbytes of files (with occasional mpg files) to 4Gb RAMdisk :
For a measure it takes 12.5 seconds (and sometimes 3.5 secs) to copy whole 500 files / 3.2G to Ramdisk - at 266MB/sec
copy-to-ramdisk.png (18.89 KiB) Viewed 692 times
It started to happen quite a while ago, xnview was my favorite

Version I use is 2.39 from Nov 8 2016
versionxnview_2017-01-29_19-47-01.png (37.97 KiB) Viewed 692 times
It's an out of box install with no options touched by hand.

Why it could be freezing on PgUp/PgDn image switching?

Thank you,

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Re: XnView freezes on PgUp/PgDn in a dir with ~500 files for

Post by helmut » Mon Jan 30, 2017 11:35 pm

Thank you for registering in the XnView forum and your detailed problem report, Huilo.

I have little idea why XnView idles for that many seconds. Could you please reset your XnView settings to default:
1. Exit XnView
2. Rename your xnview.ini file to xnview.ini.bak (please do not delete, the settings might be useful later for problem analysis)
3. Start XnView
Does the problem persist after resetting the settings?

If the problem persists, please clean your thumbnail cache in Tools » Options... | category Browser » Thumbnails | tab Cache | panel Cache maintenance | button Remove all.
Does the problem persist after cleaning the cache?

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