Sidecar/Companion Files and Move/Copy/Rename Dialog Issues

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Sidecar/Companion Files and Move/Copy/Rename Dialog Issues

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These are long-standing issues with Sidecar files relating to defining file extension associations, Move/Copy To, and renaming, as well as more general issues with Move/Copy To dialog (eg. with full-screen preview use).
These issues have been reproduced with the latest version of XnView Classic (v2.39).

I define sidecar associations so that video and associated thumbnail preview image (eg. Video.mkv and Video.mkv.jpg) and PotPlayer bookmarks file (Video.pbf) and Video shortcut file (Video.mkv.lnk) are (or should) all be moved together if one of them (usually the thumbnail preview file) is moved when being viewed. This support for defining custom sidecar extensions/patterns is the primary reason I use XnView over any other media management app (though there are a number of issues with it as described) and the lack of this (as discussed under the "Companion / XMP files" thread) is why I haven't yet moved to XnView MP.
  • Move/Copy To doesn't move the sidecar file when thumbnails pane is focused without a preview pane or when done from a tab an image is opened into, it's only moved when either A) done from full-screen preview on 2nd screen, B) done from browser when preview pane is shown
  • Rename file incorrect removes the secondary extension from sidecar files so that if rename Video.mkv.jpg to Video1.mkv.jpg then sidecar file Video.mkv gets renamed to Video1.mkv.mkv, and if perform rename instead of Video.mkv to Video1.mkv then sidecar file Video.mkv.jpg is not renamed at all (even if have sidecar definitions for both directions, ":jpg" and "jpg:")
  • Renaming either of the associated files for sidecar files (eg. .mkv.jpg or .jpg file) should rename both correctly, unlike now where its just done in a single direction unless you define 2 sidecar relationships ( ":jpg" and "jpg:") in XnView.ini, and renaming/moving Video.mkv.lnk or Video.mkv.jpg should also rename/move Video.pbf or Video.jpg which isn't feasible even manually since would have to define every possible video extension (mkv:jpg, mp4:jpg, etc.)
  • After showing the Move/Copy To dialog which appears in front of the full-screen preview screen (due to XnView window being located on the secondary monitor) if window looses focus before finish/close the dialog, then the dialog gets hidden behind the full-screen preview, and unable to close the dialog or close full-screen (via Escape key, etc.) or even close XnView application at all (via Alt-F11, etc.) and it fails to respond to any key or mouse input, so have to terminate the process manually.
  • Can't rename folders in Move/Copy To dialog via F2 or clicking label, especially for (but not limited to) folders just created in that dialog (often needed to rename if didn't finish naming, etc)