Small format videos are not replayed full screen

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Small format videos are not replayed full screen

Post by Ph0t0 »

Small format videos (e.g. 960 x 720 Pixel) are not enlarged to full screen (Options > Fullscreen > Auto Image Size > fit image to window, all). This is especially bad on a 4k display. Some videos are shown in nearly stamp size format.

I have found that this happens if I browse in fullscreen mode a folder that is mixed with image and video files. I.e. if I display a picture (full screen) and then want to access the next file - a video - with PgUp or PgDn, it is played small, in the original format..

However, if I call up the same video with the F11 key, it is played back in full screen mode.
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Re: Small format videos are not replayed full screen

Post by helmut »

I can confirm this bug in XnView Classic v2.50.4. :bugconfirmed:

To reproduce (basically the above description in other words):
1. Download ZIP archive with three sample files here and unpack it in a new folder on your computer.
2. Start XnView
3. In Tools > Options | View > Fullscreen set Auto Image size to "Fit image to window, all"
4. Browse above folder with two images and small video.
5. Open the first image in Fullscreen (context menu "Fullscreen" or F11 key).
--> Image is enlarged to fullscreen (correct)
6. Navigate to the next image/video in the folder using PageDown
--> Small video is displayed in normal size :bug:
Expected behaviour: Small video is enlarged to fullscreen

Note: In XnView MP v0.99.7 this problem does not occur.