Batch resizing dialog closing "bug"

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Batch resizing dialog closing "bug"

Post by loth » Wed Apr 12, 2006 2:21 am


-go to browsermode
-select 2 thumbs/pictures (should be jpeg)
-press CTRL+U
-choose format: gif
-select a transmission, i.e. resize, and enter some values
-[x] close dialog after conversation
-press GO

now, a "Save as - colour mode"-popup comes up.

this is ok, but if the user had mistakenly choosed the gif-format instead of jpeg, he/she has no chance to reselect the right format on this time anymore.

means: if the user now recognizes "ops, i don't want to save gif-files, but jpeg" and presses ESC to cancel the "Save as - colour mode"-popup, he will cancel the whole batch-convert-dialog. (and has to reenter all his settings, if not saved, which does not happen very often for shot batch issues...)

this seems like too much hassle and i'd like be able to return to the "batch convert"-window by pressing CANCEL on the "Save as - colour mode"-popup.

-[ ] close dialog after conversation

this all will work, but the conversation isnt really over at this point, so i consider this is a bug, but like to hear/read other opinions too.

anybody with me? :-)

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Re: Batch resizing dialog closing "bug"

Post by marsh » Wed Apr 12, 2006 3:29 am

loth wrote: anybody with me? :-)
Its a bug. '[x]Close after conversion' is closing before conversion occurs (when pressing <cancel> on GIF 'colour mode' dialog)- well spotted!

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