Importing JPEG Progressive, JPEG XL, JXL, HEIF from XnViewMP in Photoshop

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Importing JPEG Progressive, JPEG XL, JXL, HEIF from XnViewMP in Photoshop

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I often work with different file formats (JPEG Progressive, JPEGL XL, AVIF, HEIF / HEIC, etc.) and organize and convert them with XnViewMP.
XnViewMP handle them perfectly, but some of them I want to edit in Photoshop Elements and it is not possible to open them.
Adobe does not have import plugins for exotic formats.

There is a small trick to solve this:
I use Photoshop Elements 2024 with Adobe Camera RAW 16.x and it is possible to open exotic formats like JPEG progressive, JPEG XL, HEIF/HEIC and maybe more formats!

Open Adobe Photoshop Elements and start from file menu the "Open with Camera Raw".
The Camera Raw file open dialog starts and then you select the file filter (All Formats *.*).
Open a JPEG XL or JPEG progressive file and it perfectly works!

Reason: The adobe camera raw plugin has a newer JPEG import function and support newer different file formats (JPEG XL / JXL / HEIF / HEIC / AVIF)!
So you can open jpeg files which are compressed with Pinga / Pingo Optimizer, FileOptimizer and other tools.
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