Detect all supported files

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Detect all supported files

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Good day, colleagues!

At first excuse me my English – it is not my native language, so I can make different errors.

At second please help me in one question. I use GFL library to create graphical files viewer. I write in Borland C++Builder 6.0 under Win2k. Now I want to create filter string for TopenDialog component to show only files supported by GFL SDK (like, for example, in MS Word “All Word documents”) . But I have found strange thing – when filter string is enough large (>50 elements) component TOpenDialog thinks that it doesn’t have Filter property and shows all files in folder (doc,txt,xls and so on documents). May be someone has done such work and can help me?

If it is necessary I send my project via e-mail (it is not big. Only 460 KB :D )