Delphi 2009

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Delphi 2009

Post by xnview »

Delphi 2009 is now fully unicode, so there is a problem with PChar & GFL
I think that PAnsiChar must be used, but in previous Delphi version??
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Post by gispos »

Hello, at the moment I don’t have Delphi 2009 installed,
but I think with a small update you can solve the Delphi 2009 problem.

Go to the first type declarations in the LibGfl.pas and added this two lines:

Char = AnsiChar;
PChar = PAnsiChar;

This is not tested! But works with all Versions of Delphi.

Code: Select all

  //GPo 2008; Workaround Delphi 2009
  Char = AnsiChar;
  PChar= PAnsiChar;

  GFL_INT8    = ShortInt;
  GFL_UINT8   = Byte;
  PGFL_UINT8  = ^GFL_UINT8; // IN!
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