GFL SDK ActiveX idea

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GFL SDK ActiveX idea

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While XnView standalone software supports TWAIN camera/scanner access, unfortunately the ActiveX one doesn't work. (I'm using the AX DLL, not the normal DLL). Please add that feature. I'm trying to find a FREE way to let my VB6 programs access my framegrabber which has TWAIN drivers. But the problem is that the only other solutions for download are either NOT free, or they came with an older copy of WIndows (Kodak Imaging OCX). The GFL SDK AX DLL file is free and it really should have TWAIN access. Now the regular DLL may or may not have TWAIN support (I don't know as it doesn't work with VB6), but the AX DLL sure doesn't have TWAIN support. XnView developer, I beg you to add TWAIN support into the next version of the AX DLL. Thanks in advance.