unable to load xx.bmp if Width > 65532

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unable to load xx.bmp if Width > 65532

Postby ghgnam » Thu Apr 19, 2012 8:19 am

unable to load Bitmap-file (xx.bmp) if one Dimension exeeds the limit of GFL_UINT16.

Using GFL_VERSION 3.40 (64 bit) (Windows 7)
If Width x Height = 65532 x 2000 gflGetFileInformation(..) works OK.
If Width x Height = 65536 x 2000 and 'file' is a bmp-File.
gflGetFileInformation( file, -1, &info ) returns the errorcode [Error to open file]

gflLoadBitmap returns the same error

Loading a xx.tif file of that size, gflLoadBitmap works OK an it's possible to
save the loaded 'bitmap' using gflSaveBitmap( dstfilename, bitmap, &save_option ) as
a xxx.bmp file !!! and that xxx.bmp file is OK !!
Windows7 viewer can display it.

NConvert6.05 and Xnview1.98.8 have similar Problems to open that xxx.bmp file


Regards Reinhard

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Re: unable to load xx.bmp if Width > 65532

Postby xnview » Thu Apr 19, 2012 8:58 am

Yes, i'm not sure that BMP file can have width > 0xffff

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