Important notes

Bugs and Issues in 1.82 Test versions which have been fixed and verified as resolved.

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Important notes

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XnView 1.74 Final is released, see post XnView 1.74 (Windows).

Please do not post in this group "Release Candidate 1.74", anymore, unless you want to add info to one of the existing topics.


Normal users should use the current Final version of XnView, which is version 1.70.4. Please see post XnView 1.70.4 for more details.

The aim of release candidates is to get feedback from a larger number of users. Each release candidate has the potential to become the final release (therefore the naming), this is decided depending on the number of (severe) bugs found. So with each release candidate, there should be less and less bugs.

It's clear that everyone loved to see his/her feature in a new version, but also the version has to become more and more stable to make sure that quality is high. Any new enhancement put into a release candidate can introduce new bugs, quality is endangered.

So please understand if not all features and proposals directly go into the new release.

This group "Release candidate 1.74" is a temporary group and will be removed at a later stage. If you want to report a bug in the latest release candidate, please post here in this group using the prefix 'RC<Release candidate No.>: ' in the subject. E.g. 'RC1: GPF when opening TIFF G3 file'

Sure enough, topics and posts which are still valid, will be moved into other groups. If you want to suggest a new feature, please start a new topic in the group XnView Windows or even better first search and append if there's an existing topic (also in group XnView Windows).

Thank you for all your feedback and input and for considering this.