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XnView 1.80 Release Candidate 2 (Windows)

Posted: Fri May 20, 2005 10:49 am
by xnview
XnView v1.80 RC2 is available here :

Download portals and websites must link to final versions of XnView only, and in no case link to any of the release candidates.

With the 1.80 version, you have now a folder WebTemplate for "HTML create". If someone can create better template for XnView (with CSS style), it would be great.

Known problems or issues not fixed:

* Thumbnail shadow doesn't works on 95/98
* Scroll of picture in lite fullscreen (with infos)
* Dual monitor for slide/fullscreen
* Associations on Xp

* More hotkeys, shortcuts...
* Slow loading and slow thumbnail creation for .CR2 files
* Minor sugg. Show full name as tooltip...
* Minor suggestion for Thumbnails & Details View
* Suggestions for new Tab feature