XnView 1.80 Release Candidate 4 (Windows)

Bugs and Issues in 1.82 Test versions which have been fixed and verified as resolved.

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XnView 1.80 Release Candidate 4 (Windows)

Post by xnview »

XnView v1.80 RC4 is available here : http://www.xnview.com/beta/XnView-RC4.zip

Download portals and websites must link to final versions of XnView only, and in no case link to any of the release candidates.

I hope this RC4 is the last before final release :-)

Known problems or issues not fixed:

* Scroll of picture in lite fullscreen (with infos)
* Associations on Xp
* Toolbar in compare dialog is not the good one

* Read ahead/Cache behind in fullscreen (lite)
* Options/Write/File types is back
* Dual monitor
* New web template (thanks Micha)
* New skins

With the 1.80 version, you have now a folder WebTemplate for "HTML create". If someone can create better template for XnView (with CSS style), it would be great.
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Post by Dreamer »

Thank you Pierre, I'm gonna test it... :)
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Post by danilloOc »

Sorry for post it here but WOW, 4 RC versions and the "Auto Image Size" setting for fullscreen mode STILL not working.

I don't understand why, it used to work on version 1.70 or 1.74, why it's not working anymore, will be a fix?

Please check here: http://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.php?t=1959
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Post by ckit »

No surprise there, I have my own issues with "Auto Image Size" which I'm trying to get ironed out.
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Post by Danny »

Shouldn't you stop including features (requests) by now and just fix the bugs? If you keep adding stuff you'll never get out a full release.
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Post by Aokromes »

I think that stop allowing feature request for 1.80 is a great idea.
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Post by helmut »

Thank you Pierre for RC4!

The release and testing process has surely potential for improvement. As written in another topic, release candidates are intended for finding bugs right before releasing. But in the process we currently have there is room for new suggestions and feedback to fine tune new features. This is good and gives the new version a real push and input from practice.

But as Danny and Aokromes have written (and other people thought) we should make sure that we focus towards a final release now. Many people have put a lot of effort into this, already, and now want a final version 1.80. Think everyone wants a version with new features, but even more important is stability and quality of the new version 1.80. This is something we have to put focus on, now. On one hand we should fine tune the new features (with having final release in mind), on the other hand there's the bug hunting.

Greetings, Helmut
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Re: XnView 1.80 Release Candidate 4 (Windows)

Post by Lasse »

xnview wrote: With the 1.80 version, you have now a folder WebTemplate for "HTML create". If someone can create better template for XnView (with CSS style), it would be great.
Yeah! Maybe someone can create a xhtml-website :-)