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xnview wrote:
helmut wrote:Are you aware what this means? People doing translation of the EXIF translation should take the translations in header files (prefix TXT_TemplateMenu_EXIF_) and vice versa. Best is to send the English and native language header file to those people translating the EXIF language files.
Yes, but currently sentence are used in menu, dialog, ... so in resource and i can't use text files...
Yes, I understand. But at least you and the appropriate translators should ensure that translations made in EXIF language file and translations in text files match.

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xnview wrote:
Xyzzy wrote:Great idea!

I'll do Polish version.

Could you also add MakerNotes for Panasonic cameras and add values in Minolta sections for Dynax 5D/7D cameras.
Currently i don't know how to read them, but i'll check... Must check if i have samples from these camera...
Go to http://www.steves-digicams.com/hardware_reviews.html
Select camera from a list
Select Sample pictures item from a list
Click images do download them.