XnView 1.70 RC3 (Windows)

Bugs and Issues in 1.82 Test versions which have been fixed and verified as resolved.

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New XnView user here...

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I found v1.68 to be rather buggy, but I checked the forums and found 1.70 RC3 to be a quite a bit better.

I've been using ACDSee Classic for quick image viewing (because I don't need Photoshop to load up if I just want to look at an image) but it's getting rather old and it only reads about 15 or so formats. I didn't like the popular IrfanView so much. XnView is much better, but there are still a few quirks in RC3 I'd like to point out.

Fullscreen Mode:
One thing I liked about ACDSee is that I can navigate and pan large images the same way in fullscreen mode as I can in windowed mode. In XnView, it's all or nothing. If I have "Enable mouse navigation" checked, both the scroll wheel and the left/right mouse buttons cycle through images. If I uncheck it, the left/right mouse buttons let me pan the image, but the scroll wheel no longer cycles images. I would like a mode to have the mouse buttons act exactly the same way in fullscreen mode as they already do in windowed mode.

I'm starting to think ACDSee has a pact with the devil as nothing seems to compare to it's speed. XnView is the only one I've tried that comes close... untill I deal with large images. Like 3000-7000 pixels wide large. PNG, BMP, JPG, PSD, you name it. ACDSee loads these massive files almost instantaneously, including the multi layered PSD files. XnView takes a few full seconds to load these.

Also, ACDSee can pan these large images, in any zoom as well as fullscreen or windowed, quickly and it's smooth as silk. XnView can handle this with low resolution images, but with high resolution images, it's actually rather inconsistent.

For example, if I load up one of those >3000 pixel wide images in windowed mode, I can pan straight up and down, or straight left and right, it's very smooth. If I pan diagonally it starts tearing badly. However, if I'm in fullscreen mode it pans painfully slow; I drag and I have to wait for the image view to update, even if the zoom is 1:1. This happens whether or not I have the "Show informations" option checked in the fullscreen options.

This inconsistency gives me hope that there is possibility for achiving a performance win for newer versions.

Little bugs:
-If the first file in a directory happens to be an animated GIF and "Loop on the file list" option is unchecked, the animation will simply stop if you try to try to navigate to the previous image. It won't load the previous image because there is none, but the animation won't continue to play untill you reload the current image.

-If "Auto Image Size" is set to "Fit Window to Image" and you view one image of a given size and shape, then enter fullscreen mode, switch to a different image with a different size and shape, then go back to windowed mode, the window will be the same size and shape it was before entering fullscreen mode, even if it no longer fits the current image. The window needs to refit when exiting fullscreen mode.

-Also with "Fit Window to Image" if an Image happens to be more pixels high than the monitor resolution, the window will limit itself, which is a very good thing, but the resulting vertical scroll bar ends up covoring the side image. The width of the window size does not take into account the space that scroll bar takes up so the window must be manually resized to see the full width anyway. This may happen on both dimensions.

I hope this helps. :D

XnView 1.70 RC3 - batch scanning bug

Post by Jan »

XnView 1.70 RC3 - batch scanning bug - changing the output directory

It seems the output directory can only be changed using the browse (...) button. If you type in the output directory manually, XnView doesn't use that and saves the image into whatever directory was last selected using the browse button.

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Ok I found a bug that is near impossible to re-produce. I was viewing some JPEG's in Fullscreen and on one of them I got a Registration notice about some plugin "CS_DWG.dll" and AutoCAD? Anyway the only way I could get rid of the notice was to "end task" xnview.exe.

Unfortunately, I've been able to re-produce this rare bug :(

JPEG Info - cr_zheng_ya-ping001.jpg
JPEG TrueColor v1.2
Res 650x930
DPI 600x600

Windows 2000 SP4
XnView v1.70 RC3

I just visited "http://www.cadsofttools.com/" and there are newer plugins available for IrfanView and XnView. Ok, I think XnView's two cache options may have been involved, both are now disabled.