XnView 1.74 Release Candidate 1 (Windows)

Bugs and Issues in 1.82 Test versions which have been fixed and verified as resolved.

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XnView 1.74 Release Candidate 1 (Windows)

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Normal users should use the current Final version of XnView, which is version 1.70.4. Please see post XnView 1.70.4 for details.

A Release candidate (RC) is a mainly stable version, which is provided to a larger number of people for testing. If the release candidate has few or no serious bugs, it will become the new final release, which will be announced in a new, separate topic in this newsgroup. Typically, the release candidate comes as executable file, only, and has no setup.
If you want to use the latest version and/or have fun testing an application which still might have bugs, the release candidate is the right thing.

At the moment, XnView v1.74 RC1 is available here : http://www.xnview.com/beta/XnView-RC1.zip

If you find bugs, please contact me.

Added : Gammasat, conbright, autocrop in multi-convert & NConvert
Added : New submenu for MRUF
Added : Use EXIF orientation
Added : EXIF orientation in "JPEG lossless rotation"
Added : HLS & Sepia in multi-convert & NConvert
Added : Use of key "context menu" in browser
Added : Text template (iptc, exif, ...) in multi-convert
Added : $ for source folder in NConvert
Added : Fit option for fullscreen
Added : Scan headers option
Added : Option to have old zoom feature with left button
Added : Custom size/ratio
Added : High quality preview in browser
Added : Loading WMF in full resolution
Added : (Advanced) Operations can be moved
Added : Add/Merge option for batch IPTC
Added : Flat style thumbnail option (windows only)
Added : Horizontal/Vertical windows tiling
Added : FlashCam frame, Cisco IP Phone & JBIG-2 read format
Added : Lossless crop
Added : lossless operations in toolbar
Added : Options for camera RAW format
Added : Describe on folder
Added : Use EXIF DPI informations
Changed : Browser/Show text & Show hexa moved to options
Changed : jbigkit 1.6
Changed : MRW,ORF,NEF
Fixed : Next/Previous
Fixed : <IPTC:Keywords>
Fixed : DDS writed by DirectX9
Fixed : View picture sorted by image property
Fixed : Move lost item focus
Fixed : Associations on Xp (windows only)
Fixed : ESC quit fullscreen view from browser
Fixed : After "Save As", the picture has now the new name
Fixed : XWD
Fixed : When user can write in XnView folder, cache will be created in "Document Settings" (windows only)
Fixed : 16000x16000 limit for gif files
Fixed : Resize selection & Fit image
Fixed : Deselecting item in browser don't update preview (windows only)
Fixed : Some problems with video player (windows only)
Fixed : Describe with search results
Fixed : Multiconvert with CRW/High
Fixed : -ratio with resize & canvasresize problem in NConvert
Fixed : XnView Fit & Fit to image
Fixed : grey scale image resizing
Fixed : Slow scrolling (windows only)
Fixed : Playing movie in fullscreen (windows only)
Fixed : Fit to desktop + fullscreen
Fixed : Iff writing
Fixed : Casio makernotes
Fixed : Problem with old language dll (windows only)
Fixed : With many files, all thumbnails are not created
Fixed : Many other things...

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Post by helmut »

Congratulations and thank you, Pierre, for this new version!

Think the 1.74 has really some nice features, I really like the "EXIF auto orientation".

Sure enough I'll have a close look at it...

Post by Guest »

nice, downloding .. can't wait to test it..