4.90: very good, some minor things

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4.90: very good, some minor things

Post by DOS386 »

4.90 is very good and very useful for me :-)

Nevertheless, I'd like to report a few minor things that could be improved in future:

- DOS version still reports itself as "version for OS/2"

- Limits: NC ends up in a dead loop or produces strange/unuseful error messages when it runs out of memory or exceeds some (?) internal limits. Some limits/range checking could help:
- - "Can't scale up", "Can't rotate", "Can't add canvas", "Can't load" , etc.

- Multiple spaces in the convert options confuse the parser ... OK, easy to avoid :-)

- Manual is outdated ... PM sent :-)

- Update to OpenWATCOM 1.8 when it is released (big improvements pending)
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