Animation support in NCONVERT

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Animation support in NCONVERT

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(no docs, find-out-yourself, as of NC 5.00)

No animations can be created, neither AGIF ( use GIFSICLE, thread: download: ... ) nor APNG (no solution exists except coding my own ??? )

Both AGIF and APNG can be decomposed

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NC -xall -out bmp ANIMOLD.GIF

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NC -xall -out bmp ANIMNEW.PNG
but following problems can occur:

- very "sensitive" to commandline bugs ( )

- if AGIF uses differential frames ("optimized"), only differential frames are extracted. Should extract full frames IMHO (maybe optionally differential, add switch)

- from APNG got full frames, but maybe that's what the APNG contained ... very few APNG's around, testing not too deep :?:
There is indeed no WinZIP under my rock.