Convert a PNG to .ico by right-click menu

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Convert a PNG to .ico by right-click menu

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Hello :D
I interested about NConvert command-line ability. but i wanna create a shortcut in context menu to convert right-clicked PNG (or selected files) to .ico in specified folder.
For example i have a test.png in C:\PNGFolder. i wanna just with two click(right-click + left-click at Convert to ico) convert the test.png to test.ico( with 64x64,256x256 size) and then move it to C:\icoFolder.

Note: becuase WindowsPhotoViewer is registered as defualt programs for openning photos, the only way for creating a context-menu for PNG files is this key:

Code: Select all

Screenshot(what i want):

Thanks :)
Sry for my bad eng