Problem with unicode filenames

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Problem with unicode filenames

Post by herb »

Hello Pierre,

On my Windows 10 system I work with Nconvert version 7.136 to convert images to *.jpg images.
Using filenames with unicode-characters I have seen the following problems for the following command:

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nconvert.exe -half_res -ignore_errors -thumb 1920 1920 -overwrite -out jpeg -o OUTPUTFILENAME-without-extension SOURCEFILE
For command with - e.g. a psd image
OUTPUTFILENAME-without-extension == images三山_1828_2_prvws - (all values seen inside debug)
with: 三山 == chinese characters 三山
the result is: Can't open file (F:\\Work_Eixm\\EIXMTEST\\images\011\116\161\134.psd)

OUTPUTFILENAME-without-extension == images\011\116\161\134_1828_1_prvws
with \011\116\161\134 == chinese characters 三山
the result is: Can't create file (C:\\Users\\herbert\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\images??_1828_1_prvws.jpg)

Case (2) shows that Nconvert supports unicode filenames, because it could open the source-file.

My question now is: How to send unicode-characters to Nconvert?

Best regards
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Re: Problem with unicode filenames

Post by xnview »

I work on a version with unicode support, do you want to try it?