How to control "title" of converted PDF

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How to control "title" of converted PDF

Post by Haagen »

Hi there!

I am using Nconvert (Windows) to convert an existing PDF into a new PDF file to change its compression format, DPI, and color format. Works as a charm with this command:

nconvert.exe -o "%OutputFile%" -out pdf -c 1 -multi -dpi 300 -binary nodither -clean -rmeta -xall "%InputFile%"

However, the new PDF file's metadata field "title" is always populated with the file name of the output file. Is there a way to control the content of this field? In other words: I want the "title" field to be empty and no other metadata to be written as well.

Is there a way to accomplish this with Nconvert?

By the way, if I perform a similar operation in XnConvert (batch processing in XnView) no metadata is written to the new PDF file, as desired/expected.