Sort images and prepare them for web

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Sort images and prepare them for web

Post by iano »

hey there,

my case should be quite easy for a native speaker: I have to sort quite huge amounts of photographs and then make them usable for a website - for that I have to

1) Bring the into the right order (now I can't even move them inside the programm - I just get copies of them)

2) Then (as they are from different cameras and have names like dcn_...) rename them (in the very order I gave to them in the first step) with a topic and a number; finally it should look for example like this: 1.topic or (1) topic something like this...

3)finally I have to reduce the size of every picture to a max of 250kb with 72 dpi, the picture itself should be as big as possible of course and most of all it should not be deranged

....getting lost in here... please help ...nothing works


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Re: xn view mp

Post by thibaud »

as your input is needed to sort the pictures anyway, why don't you just rename them individualy ?
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Re: xn view mp

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