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Some suggestions

Post by KarlVonBahnhof »

I just played with XnViewMP for a few days. It's great piece of software. I made a list of few features that i miss and I think it should be quite easy to implement and which could significantly increase the usability.

- delete picture from view (and fullscreen) mode do not work - I am able to delete image only from browser, but not when the image is dispalyed
- rotate images by EXIF information - the functionality from XnView windows version
- it's not possible to create new folder
- the pictures can't be moved/copied by drag and drop them from browser to tree view
- move to/copy to dialog display too narrow direcotry tree and I can't see the directory names (see attachment)
- If I invoke move to/copy to dialog second time, it do not remember the destination previously selected
- linux symlinks that link to images are not displayed at all. It would be nice if XnView allow work with symlinks in the same way as with the images itself
- the edit metadata dialog is great feature. I tryed use it for add 'caption' to my photos. So I selected all photos, clicked to 'edit metadata', filled caption of first photo and clicked to 'next'. Than XnView asked me 'do you want to save your changes?'. It's very annoying to confirm this dialog after change caption of each photo. It would be nice to introduce some chcekbox "do not ask me again" or something... Also the thumbnail of photo in this dialog could be bigger or resizable.

Hope this list will help to make XnViewMP better. Thanks for your effort Piere.
Btw. I did all my tests on Linux (Kubuntu) with XnViewMP 0.21

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