Suggestion - Searchable database for document metatags

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Gerhard Mesenich
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Suggestion - Searchable database for document metatags

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It is difficult to keep track of lots of documents, that most people have nowadays. For organizing document libraries like for instance pdf datafiles of electronic components or academic reports an enhanced search function would be highly desirable. Xnview has already most of the needed functionality, so extending the functionality towards document organizing should be relatively easy.


Implementation of a searchable document metatag database for pdf and office files with the following characteristic items:

number of pages
attachment flag
comments flag

Comfortable metatag editor for the same.

Textcopy from the metatag panel to the rename panel for easy exchange between tags and the filenames.

The workflow would basically be the same than for organizing large picture databases. Such functionality would also make the program much more attractive for business use.

The filespecs for pdfs should be readily available on the Adobe site. OpenOffice has MS-office export and import functions, so all relevant information for the different office files should be on their site. For me just pdf, odt and doc functionality would be fully sufficient.

If possible, office and pdf plugins should be part of the xnview distribution for ease of use.