Relative path DB file

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Relative path DB file

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Re: XnViewMP Version 0.21 (Oct 7 2009)
On: Windows XP Pro

I wish to use my collection of pictures with XnViewMP portably. By this I mean that I have placed my collection of photos within the XnView directory (as sub directory) and would like associations to be recognized across systems regardless of medium "relative" to its position to XnView directory (not absolute).


Currently it is this:

D:/USBApplications/XnView/My pictures

Instead to (something like)

//XnView/My pictures

Or this

.//My pictures

Otherwise, every time I change computers, I have to retype my categories as they are lost.

Any assistance would be appreciated in this regard.

Otherwise, this is an excellent program. Keep up the good work. Thank you.
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Re: Relative path DB file

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Do you have tried option/CacheDB>Base path of your pictures?
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Re: Relative path DB file

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Dear Pierre,

thanks for this great peace of software. I'm glad having finally found a very powerful, efficient way to organise my pictures on both, Win and Linux. However, I still have a small issue with the relative paths in my database.

I am using XnView MP on Windows 7 and Linux (Mint) on the same machine. I have set the Base path in both settings to the same folder which is in same relation to my photos on both systems. However, some pictures remain with absolute linux-based paths /home/user/pictures..., others with the absolute windows-based paths D:/user/pictures...
What am I doing wrong? Is there a possibility to update or refresh the database so that it uses relative paths?

Thank you in advance!