Custom Context Menu + Link to Explorer's context menu

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Custom Context Menu + Link to Explorer's context menu

Post by budz45 »

hi again,

I have 2 ideas concerning the Context Menu seen in the MP Browser.

1. First, I believe we should have the ability to customize what is displayed on the Context Menu. I think a new tab in Tools>Options can be made for this:

2. Some other apps on Windows, that use their own custom context menu sometimes have the simple ability to 'Link' to the users own OS context menu of Explorer's. I have seen it in Opera's download manager when right-clicking on an item 'advanced':

So in a future release I think we could have an (enable/disable) option to see this in the context menu of XnView MP too. I think it could be enabled by default. I made this to show you:
(can you see how I made 'Windows Explorer' link that could able to link and use main folder/desktop context menu within MP?)
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Re: Custom Context Menu + Link to Explorer's context menu

Post by XnTriq »

I would also prefer this solution over the Ctrl+RMB method we have in XnView v1.97 (XnView crashing after using shell context menu?).
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