Request to add the platform name: XnView MP v0.27 beta OS

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Request to add the platform name: XnView MP v0.27 beta OS

Post by oops66 »

Request to add the platform name: "XnView MP v0.27 beta OS (unstable)" in the Title. And into "About" too
1-) It would be helpful to have into the Title "XnView MP v0.27 beta Linux (unstable)" [ or "XnView MP v0.27 beta Windows (unstable)", or "XnView MP v0.27 beta MacOS (unstable)" ], instead only "XnView MP v0.27 beta (unstable)".
Because when I use the Linux version, and in the same time, the Windows version under WINE for test, I have some difficulty to quickly identify these two versions.

2-) It will be also interesting to add for information the dependencies names, maybe with a new column "Comments" into "About\Formats\..." like for:
For Portable Document Format --> .pdf files --> needs the package ghostscript
so & so ...
3-) And having the ability to "mouse select all items for a copy" and/or sort by column into this form ("About\Formats\..."):
sort by Formats
sort by Extension
sort by Write
sort by Comments
... just by cliquing the title (the first cell): Formats, Extension, Write, Comments,...
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