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Delete from View mode

Post by vhornik »

Thanks for great app!
Is there a reason why the delete, copy, move, rename actions are disabled in View mode? In fact, the delete operation is THE MOST important action I need when organizing photos from my camera :D
I need to see the full photo (fullscreen is best) in order to decide to keep it or not, so the delete is the most important action in view mode for me, then also move and sometimes copy, the other image operations are nice of course but the basic file operations like delete are by far the most important. Maybe I am only too stupid to find where to enable these functions? if this is the case then please excuse me..

I am using the linux version 0.32

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Re: Delete from View mode

Post by Relaxed »

I'd be very happy as well to find an integration of file operations functions in fullscreen mode.
When I still was a windows user, I used to copy/delete pictures in fullscreen mode in XnView. I'm missing this feature since using XnViewMP - it would save much time when sorting my holiday photo collections.

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Re: Delete from View mode

Post by Vapavite »


Un moyen facile de résoudre ce problème est d'agrandir au maximum les vignettes et d'adopter une disposition spécifique pour ce travail :!:

A essayer

En espérant vous aidez provisoirement.

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Re: Delete from View mode

Post by xnview »

Please check XnViewMP 0.38
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Re: Delete from View mode

Post by Gshockneo »


I know this is a very old post but is this issue fixed? I recently started using Mac and XnViewMP and need a way to delete pic in full screen mode. Currently only way to delete them seems to be go to File -> Delete. I'm using 0.72 version on Mac OSX.

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