A couple feature requests

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A couple feature requests

Post by -g- »

The first one is simple. I'd like to use Ctrl+W to close tabs but it's not set by default and I couldn't find it in the Shortcuts settings either.

The second one is something I'd like too. I usually take screen snapshots, paste them, crop them and then I do some indications by adding an arrow or enclosing something in a circle. This last part I can't do with XnView so I'd like to see a minimal set of tools to do it. I know the GFL SDK has some basic primitives support so I wonder if it's possible so I don't have to rely on other software to do this kind of simple tasks.

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Re: A couple feature requests

Post by budz45 »

I've already requested all of what you said myself especially Ctrl+W hotkey support for closing tabs.

yep I also too requested extra settings button for 'Screen Capture' window that would link to main Settings window;
Feedback on the "Capture" tool
budz45 wrote: 3. There could be button called 'Settings...' somewhere on the 'Capture' window interface, that when pressed would link to and open up the main XnView MP Settings window where placed 'Capture' user configuration settings would be. Like this:

4. Is it possible for to use a different capture sound, like a camera shot sound that is default and embedded into XnView (typically a compressed low-quality audio file less than 200kb).

These are not priority features for now but still things Pierre could take note on for when working on these specific areas of XnView MP.
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