MP request: Future 'Favourites' improvements

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MP request: Future 'Favourites' improvements

Post by budz45 »

Hi Pierre,

Using current MP 0.34 win

In further future when you start developing the 'favourites' area of MP could you consider working on the following below:

1. Full support for drag n drop in favourites (drag n drop of folders/files from Browser, Win explorer to favourites panel). Already requested here; + support for batch highlight and drag drop of items.

2. Support for a 'Add to favourites' menu entry in right-click context menus for when right-clicking on file or folder in Browser

3. Drag n drop sorting of favourites items in panel.

4. Up to date detection of removed/deleted original files of the favoruties item (perhaps a red x could show) + support for clearing missing entries on right-click in panel.

5. Ability to sort files and folders apart or together in favourites panel. Ability to sort by name, date added but later support for file size sorting and others.
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