Request: Filename and buttons in Preview title bar

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Request: Filename and buttons in Preview title bar

Post by JohnFredC »

Currently (0.34) the Preview title bar cannot be hidden (if the Preview is "unattached"). It displays the word "Preview" only and uselessly consumes valuable screen real estate.
  • 1. If the Preview pane title bar is visible, please display the full file specification for the selected image instead of "Preview".

    2. Also, it would be great if the Preview title bar was actually a toolbar which the user could customize to make the Preview more useful and more immediately responsive to user input.

    Some useful Preview-specific functionality that would be great if available in the Preview title bar:
    • Adjust preview gamma
      Adjust preview contrast
      Adjust preview brightness
      Adjust preview saturation

      (the above settings might usefully be saved in the cache!!!)

      Fit width
      Fit height
      Fit extents
      Zoom 100%