Background colour for metadata list

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Background colour for metadata list

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My Gnome settings are a light grey text on a dark grey background.

The metadata list adopts this colour definition for every second line, which is comfortable to read. But every other second line is light grey text on a white background, nearly invisible and unreadable.

This is unconfortable for 2 reasons : there is the problem of the light text on light background and there is also the problem of alternating dark lines and light lines, producing hard contrast zebra stripes that hurt the eyes. It should be possible to define the background of the even lines and odd lines to be only slightly different from one another.

I have been looking for a while into the xnview.ini file, but could not find how to modify the background colours of the metadata list. Any hint about the name of the setting in the ini file is very welcome.
Thank you.
Version 0.35 13.01.2011 on Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx