Filtering of Categories (Categories Tab)

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Filtering of Categories (Categories Tab)

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Hello everyone,

I am coming from using IMatch to organize my digital photos unfortunately the support of videoclips especially in the apple quicktime format is very poor. So I am glad to have found XnView which seems to be able to handle pictures as well as video clips. I like XnView and XnView MP very well. Doeing some test with XnView MP I found some potential for improvement:

The IMatch application is handling application and filtering in the categories browser basically in the same way as XnView. The treelist is used to display the picture of a selected category or the apply category when the files are dropped on a category. But beyond the tree list panel there is another panel where you can drag and drop categries for building filters with operators. Please see the screen shot attached with the explanations in red.
Maybe such functionality can be introduced with XnView MP as well.

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