Default file type for Save as...

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Default file type for Save as...

Post by -g- »

When you copy an image into the clipboard (for example with the Print Screen key) and paste it into XnViewMP (Edit > Import clipboard), the default file type for the Save as... command seems to always be JPEG. I'd like to be able to customize it, or at least XnViewMP to remember my last choice (for example, PNG).

Same goes for the default Save as... folder. It seems to always point to the folder where XnViewMP is installed.
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Re: Default file type for Save as...

Post by budz45 »

Yes you are right, I agree +1

Remembering last saved format existed in Xnview win, so it's just a little feature that hasn't been ported to MP yet.

screenshot of xnview win's 'save as' dialog

screenshot of faststone capture v6.5 'save as' dialog
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Re: Default file type for Save as...

Post by xnview »

Please check XnViewMP 0.38